We proudly support family-owned wineries from the Northwest, Arizona, New Mexico, South America, Europe, Spain, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Some very basic principles apply: Real Wine. Real Place. Real People.

We distribute throughout the entire state of Oregon. Deliveries are made in Oregon weekly or bi-weekly, depending on location. Contact us for the most current copy of our portfolio and delivery schedule.

Active NWNP Accounts may obtain a password to access a current copy of our portfolio.


During the weeks and months to come, we endeavor to follow all Multnomah County Guidelines, taking extreme caution to continue working safely by maintaining a heightened level of sanitization, throughout our organization.


Established in January 2011, we have grown our organization based on key principles, included but not limited to:

  • Communicating and working together with our suppliers to fulfill their sales needs.
  • Developing effective strategies to build brands in the Oregon market.
  • Creating customized point of sales material for every product we sell.
  • Staffing knowledgeable wine professionals to support store demos, staff trainings, and countless consumer events.

Consulting for restaurant & wineries, to improve sales and develop fresh concepts.


Tim Shimmel | Founder
Portland + Central Oregon
tim@nwnegociantproject.com | 541-968-8825

Brandon Day | Owner & Sales Manager
Salem + Eugene + Southern Oregon
brandon@nwnegociantproject.com | 503-409-1704

Alan Stevens | Sales Representative
Portland + Sandy + Hoodland
alan@nwnegociantproject.com | 503-425-9236

Jordan Tippens | Representative
Portland + North Coast
jordan@nwnegociantproject.com | 971-401-4572

AJ Miller | Sales Representative
Portland + Hood River
aj@nwnegociantproject.com | 971-237-2916

Beckie Shaver | Sales Representative
Central Oregon
beckie@nwnegociantproject.com | 541-480-1504